IELTS writing is a component of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam, which assesses the proficiency of non-native speakers in the English language. The writing section of the IELTS exam measures an individual’s ability to communicate effectively in written English.

The writing section consists of two tasks, which must be completed within 60 minutes.

Task 1 (ACADEMIC EXAM) requires candidates to describe a visual graph. Minimum 150 words.


Task 1 (GENERAL EXAM) requires candidates to write a letter. It can be formal and informal. Minimum 150 words.

Task 2 requires candidates to write an essay in response to a prompt. The prompt typically presents a point of view, argument, or problem, and candidates are expected to provide a written response that demonstrates their ability to organize and present their ideas effectively in writing. Minimum 250 words.

In both tasks, candidates are assessed on their ability to use a range of grammatical structures and vocabulary appropriately, organize their ideas coherently, and demonstrate critical thinking skills. The IELTS writing test assesses a candidate’s ability to communicate effectively in writing in an academic or everyday context.