IELTS listening is a component of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam, which assesses the proficiency of non-native speakers in the English language. The listening section of the IELTS exam measures an individual’s ability to understand spoken English in academic or everyday situations.

In this section, candidates listen to recordings of conversations, monologues, and lectures and answer questions related to the content. The recordings are played only once, and candidates have to listen carefully and take notes to answer the questions. The listening section is divided into four parts, and each part has ten questions, making a total of 40 questions.

The listening test lasts for approximately 30 minutes, and candidates are given an additional 10 minutes to transfer their answers to the answer sheet. The IELTS listening test assesses a candidate’s ability to follow the development of an argument, understand specific details and main ideas, and recognize the speaker’s attitude and purpose.